Before Underland - Steampunk Novel

This is the page is dedicated to my novel in progress Before Underland.  A Steampunk novel that will be finished soon and then off to editing.  This is the first in a series that I am writing with influences from Lewis Carroll.

Princess Alia dreamed of adventure and far off kingdoms, away from the red dry sands of Jaberwock.  But she had no idea what awaited her when she accepted a marraige contract for the prince of Underland, sight unseen and drove off in a mechanically drawn carraige. 

While travelling through the Tulgee Woods Alia's carriage crashes and she sufferes a head injury.  When she awakens she has been save by a beautiful young man, that she comes to learn is the prince.  And as the two spenfd days getting to know each other in the forest, awaiting a rescue, the thing Alia is unaware of, is that Jack, is not the only prince in Underland.

Prince Jack of Underland has never had any use for court life, spending his time and talents in the Tulgee Woods.  In an effort to get away from his brutish older brother, Ace, Jack takes a trip to visit Tulgee, and is on his way home when he hears the carraige crash and comes to the aid of the blond beauty Alia.  And now his heart and feelings are out of his control.  His only thought of her and that they are too be married, or so he thinks.

When Jack and Alia get back to Underland all is made clear as Jack's older brother Ace, is the one to whom Alia is betrothed.  And worse than that, the philandering Ace, wants Alia for no other reason, then that, he desires to be king.

And now Alia must make the biggest decision of her life.  Save her country from war by marrying Ace, or follow her heart and run away with Jack.

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