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This is the page dedicated to my novel Dead Awakenings.  Dead Awakenings is a 130,000 word Paranormal Romance that is currently being submitted for representation.

Thank you all for your support and to my beta readers for all of their input.  Here is the synopsis for Dead Awakening:

Tristan Atwater wanted nothing more than to marry his first love and live a happy white picket life. But when Evaine goes missing, Tristan's world is flipped upside down and he will use all of his vast resources to find her.

Waking up an Undead, with no memory, is the least of Evaine's Michaels' problems. With rages, hungers, and superpowers consuming her every waking moment Evaine struggles to find her place in the new world she has been thrust into.  And being in close quarters with the gorgeous, yet elusive, Luca, isn't helping one bit.  

Luca has been undead for over ten years.  Only his determination to find those who are experimenting on humans and turning them into zombies like him, has kept him going - until he finds newborn zombie Evaine strapped to a bed in a make shift hospital. 

When Evaine finally remembers who she was, things become even more complicated. Tristan is pulled into the zombie underworld, and must work together with Evaine and Luca to find the scientists who are making the zombies.

Amid the struggle to stop the experiments, Evaine must make the toughest decision of her life-- Will she go back to Tristan, the man she has loved for the last six years? Or stay with Luca, the man who lights her soul on fire?

At this time I am looking for Beta readers for my book.  If you would like to be put on the list please contact me or comment here.


Dead Awakening - By Rebekah R. Ganiere
After days of being gone only to come home to find that my internet and all of my devices hate me, I am finally back online! The good news to that sad tale, is that I was able to continue on my rewrite of Dead Awakening. I am now only sixty pages from the conclusion of the book and that much closer to looking for Beta readers and an editor. Yahoo! I still have a lot of work to do on the book, but I am closer than I have been in a year to finishing it for good.

Along the way I have been trying to find a synopsis for the back cover of the book, without giving too much away. So I have come up with a very rough draft of a back cover synopsis. Let me know if this is something you would want to read or not.

When Evaine Michaels wakes strapped to a rusty hospital bed with no memory of who she is, she knows she's in trouble, and things are only getting worse for Evaine.
Unable to control her new emotional or physical appetites Evaine is torn between unending hunger and unfathomable rages. But it's the undeniably attracted to the beautiful and illusive Luca that has her in even worse shape.
Luca is a Greek God of a man who wants nothing to do newborn Evaine, but hard as he tries, neither of them can deny the strange tingling when they touch. Or why it is that they can feel each others emotions.

And what will happen when Evaine finally remembers who she was before, and finds out that her high school sweetheart hasn't give up on finding her. Tristan Atwater is a millionaire playboy will stop at nothing to get Evaine back, but the journey may lead him to finding out things, that were better left unknown.

As Evaine, Luca and even Tristan try to discover who is experimenting on humans and why; Evaine is forced to choose between the man who makes her feel safe, and the man who's touch ignites her soul.
Dead Awakenings- Coming out Christmas 2012


As my book gets ready to go to Beta Readers this week, I have had a lot of suppose fly my way! First my Beta Readers have been amazingly patient with me and so supportive of the work that is coming their way!

Next, my Awesome Husband and Campion has put up an Indiegogo campaign for me to try and raise the last bit of money we need to get some great editing done, and a professional cover made.
Here is the link:

Next, my great friend and fellow writer Darin Calhoun, whose blog is located here:

Made these great mock up book covers for me! He is so awesome!

My husband made this awesome one for me:

All of them have inspired me to finish up the book and get it out there. I have two face book pages. One for all of my writings and one for just this book and Indiegogo campaign.
And here is my Twitter

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