The Society - A Dystopian Vampire Romance

The Society is a Dystopian - Paranormal Romance.  The Society is currently out to beta readers for feedback and will soon be ready for submitting.  Thank you for your support!


Ten years after the outbreak of the V2000 virus turns normal humans into a mutated Vampire sub-species called vamps, humans are the hunted.

Just months after Vampire Lord Danika Checkov, Coven Lord of Chicago and owner of the largest synthetic blood company in the world was attacked and almost killed by her vamp assistant, she finds herself having to purchase a new human slave to protect her; because Danika fears that her assistant was not working alone.  What she didn't count on was finding Mason.  The largest human male she has ever seen. 

Mason is a human slave, or so the Vampires think.  Captured while raiding a nearby town for the human enclave he has taken shelter in, Mason's biggest fear is someone find out what he truly is.  Determined to learn all he can about the Vampires and then kill as many as he can before breaking free of his enslavement, the last thing he expected to find, was a ravishing redheaded Vampire who makes his blood boil.  Especially since he hates Vampires.

As Danika battles forces beyond her control, for her life. Mason must choose between the woman he wants, and the freedom he craves.  Because if they find out what Mason really is, then those who have been searching for Mason, for the last five hundred years, will locate him as well.

In the end, will Mason be able to save Danika?  Or will his very presence in her life, bring destruction down upon her head?

Check back soon for updates, synopsis and possible covers.


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