Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mock Covers for Dead Awakenings

As my book gets ready to go to Beta Readers this week, I have had a lot of suppose fly my way!  First my Beta Readers have been amazingly patient with me and so supportive of the work that is coming their way!

Next, my Awesome Husband and Champion has put up an Indiegogo campaign for me to try and raise the last bit of money we need to get some great editing done, and a professional cover made.
Here is the link:

Next, my great friend and fellow writer Darin Calhoun, whose blog is located here:

Made these great mock up book covers for me!  He is so awesome!

My husband made this awesome one for me:
All of them have inspired me to finish up the book and get it out there.  I have two face book pages.  One for all of my writings and one for just this book and Indiegogo campaign.
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  1. They all look amazing like the middle one best :-)