Monday, November 26, 2012

Eureka! Break Through!

So.  I have known, since I finished Dead Awakenings that I would be having a sequel.  However what I didn't have was a single solitary idea as to where I wanted it to go.  There are so many possibilities.  One character in particular had a Huge decision to make and I just didn't know which way I wanted them to go.  For months now I have been trying in vain to find some sort of storyline that would answer all the questions, and still allow one of the main characters to have at least resolution, if not a happy ending.

When I was speaking with a mentor about the fact that several different production companies wanted to see a script, he mentioned that I needed to at least have an outline for the second book, or it could cause me some problems down the line if I didn't.  So my search for a storyline when into overdrive.

After then speaking with a writing friend of mine she helped me figure out what questions had to be worked out and EUREKA!  I finally had an idea as to where to go with the sequel.

I can now say officially that the sequel to Dead Awakenings, Dead Reckoning (working title) is underway.

Thanx to all my fans for your support!

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