Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Screenwriters U - Proseries 42

So my husband signed my up with Proseries class for script writing.  And in the last 5 days I have been filled with amazing information from Hal Croasmun.

You may be wondering what the heck I am doing in a script class, but the truth is, I am trying to get my book into script format.

My husband took my Dead Awakenings book to several productions companies a few months back and they all wanted to see a script.  And now that I am completely done with edits and beta readers on the book and I am sending out query letters, I need to move on to the script.

I did a second draft of The Society this last two weeks and it is good.  Needs some world adjustments, but other than that I didn't find any major plot holes and I tightened up my characters.  So that one can wait while I work on my scripts.

At this time I have four scripts I want to write.  One I have to get done and three I would love to get done.  I know that taking this class is really going to help me fulfill that goal.

So, what to be on the watch for? Watch for more posts on the progress of the script as well as my upcoming need for Beta Readers for my book The Society.

Also, wish me luck in finding an agent :)

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