Monday, November 19, 2012

I did it! I finished my latest Novel!

So this novel I have been working on, and off, and on again, for the last two years.  I had all but the last 12,000 words written last year and then the weight of the book came crashing down on me as I realized I had 100,000 words and I was nowhere near finished with the story!

So about 6 months ago the thought hit me.  Why am I trying to cram everything into one book?  There is so much still to write that this should really be a pair of books.  Wahoo!  I was suddenly inspired to write about 4,000 more words.  And then it happened.  I got to the climax of the book and became so overwhelmed with wanting to get it perfect that I stalled out and couldn't move forward.

Then I started taking a Pro Screenwriting series from Hal Croasmun.  Hal said that you should write, even if it's crap. Write it without judging yourself for what you are writing.  Just get it down there. 

So this month, with it being National Write a Novel month, I was determined to finish the book.  And tonight, I did it!  Wahoo!  Throw a party!  I finished the last 8,000 words and completed the novel.

I am so proud of myself and totally excited!  And of course, now is the feeling of, okay now what do I work on?  But not to worry!  I have a ton of other projects to work on, and just as many to polish!

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