Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Change is Good!

It is official!  The Changling has finished taking root in my brain.  Yesterday morning, it was simply a thought.  Then it became a tangible baby seed that rooted and rolled around in my brain all day waiting to find a soft spot that it could root into.  By midnight last night, it found it's soft spot and ever so gently, knowing that I was in a weakened mental state of fatigue, wormed it's way it and took root.

Now the seed has changed from a embryo into a seedling, and soon threatens to become a full fledged teenager!  Which is exactly what this one wants so badly to be.  A  Young Adult novel.  I have no choice in the matter, the same way I have no choice but to sit back and watch in horror as my beautiful children grow a bit taller each day, a bit more independent, a step closer to leaving my large and fantastical nest.

So now I will finish the screenplay the way that it is, with the father being the main character, because I believe the movie would work much better that way.  But the books will be about the daughter and will be seen through her eyes.  I think it will be quite interesting to write two completely different stories based around the same events.

Now I am off to finish my fifth draft of my book Dead Awakening, so that I can let this new seedling out of my head and onto the page!

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