Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Time has Come!

You stare into what must be done and suddenly your heart begins to pound just a little bit harder.  You think, I can do this, it's no big deal, but then you feel nauseated, like you just ate week old fish for lunch.  Over and over you go through the motions of preparing.  Trying to convince yourself that it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks, but before you know it your vision is blurring and your head begins to play the theme of Jaws.

Yes, this is the dreaded moment, when, like standing naked in front of a crowd of strangers, you have decided to finally let your writer's group read the first chapter of your book.  This is it, make it or break it time in your emotional journey.  Will they love it?  Will they hate it?  But the bigger question, would they want to read more of it?  That is the real question.

And so it is, with much trepidation and profuse sweating, that I print out ten copies of my novel Dead Awakening and pack up my bag prepared to leave.

I think I will take a relaxing walk down the isles of Barnes and Noble first.  The smell of freshly printed books is so rejuvenating to the senses.  And much easier on the brain when driving than Valium.

Wish me luck.  For better or worse, my only hope, is that they will want to read more!


  1. I think the critique was less painful than your stroll in B&N to return a book.

  2. Yes, that actually was the most painful part of the entire evening! Unfortunately for everyone in the group, they survived the ax. They will not be being killed off in the book. Thanx for your support Darin :)

  3. Good luck! It's tough to share your work and open yourself. The feedback will help. I really think it is worth being vulnerable.