Monday, July 23, 2012

The Changling

So, I got a totally crazy idea today as I was driving in the car in Los Angeles traffic.  I have a screenplay that I have been writing for about a year on and off.  Mostly off.  And in the beginning I had the main character as a twelve to fourteen year old girl.  However, due to the dynamics of the script and the way it needed to play out, I decided to change the main character half way through to the girl's father instead.  He seemed like a better choice.

But now I am thinking about taking the screenplay and instead turn it into a series of books with the girl being the main character and the books being geared towards YA. 

I have never really wanted or felt I had the mental capability of writing an entire series of three to six books for one character. Mostly due to the fact that I have Adult ADD and like to move from thing to thing quickly and I have so many stories in my head that I want to get out on paper.  But as I drove mindlessly down the same stretch of freeway that I inevitably drive at least three times a week, due to auditions, my mind began to wander to that story and whether or not I could write a series about this girl.  To watch her grow and blossom and love as I am currently watching my own twelve year old daughter do.

So there it is...can it be done effectively... I am not yet sure.  But I am now willing to find out! 

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