Monday, July 23, 2012

The Changling Part 2

So here is a very rough teaser that I came up with this evening for the Screenplay Changling into a YA fantasy novel.  Enjoy!

Skye harbors a secret, one that her mother told her to keep hidden from everyone around her.

She was just a fifteen year old girl, out for a night with friends, when she came home to find that her mother had been murdered and her father is the only suspect. But Skye knows that her father would never be capable of doing the horrible things the police say were done to her mother, even though he too has a tortured past.

With the opening of a mysterious safety deposit box, Skye finds that her mother was not who anyone thought she was. That the man who killed her mother, is now after her as well, for reasons Skye can only imagine.

To stay alive Skye must find out who she really is, who wants her dead, and why she has had to hide her identity a secret. On the run and with the help of people she doesn't even know Skye must decide to flee or fight. And when the mysteriously handsome Taranus shows up and pledges to keep her safe, Skye must decide whether she dares to trust again.

From the small town of Nowhere Massachusetts, to a town that doesn't exist on a map in France, Skye journeys to across the globe to find out that blood isn't always thicker than water.

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